The next generation of cloud-base parking management and mobile payment system. 

Maximize revenue with $0 hardware investments, while providing state of the art convenience for your parking customers with ONE-CLICK geolocation mobile payment platform. 


1. Register Online & Set Rates

No registration or contract costs

No hardware, installation, or maintenance required

Solely green technology

Public Sector

With Score Parking Now, you can map out on-street & off-street parking spaces via online geofencing. Further, Zones and Meter Numbers can seamlessly be assigned to the designated spaces online along with the associated rates and regulations.  

Private Sector

Easily register your parking lot, event, or valet operations online. Start your one-click geo-mobile payment effective immediately. 


Easy to Use Control Panel with Smart Pricing 

Set your rate types online and have real-time control on your individual parking spaces, zones, and parking lots. 

Schedule rates and restrictions designated to specific hours, dates, months, events, or holidays.


After your first month of operation with Score Parking Now, our proprietary smart algorithm is able to recommend the best pricing structure in reference to your location, traffic, and time to reach maximum revenue opportunities. 


2. Start Operation Immediately

Geolocation enabled

Fast and reliable

Increase and streamline revenue via ease of use, accessibility, and mobility.

Score Parking Now provides the next generation of user friendly mobile payment platform (mobile web & native app) for your parking customers:

The assigned rates and regulations per parking lots, individual parking spaces, or valet services are immediately prompted on customers mobile devices upon arrival at the designated location.


Once at full stop, customers can then purchase the desired rate by a single click from their mobile device, or remotely add to their existing session. 


The platform automatically enforces all the designated parking restrictions for a given parking space via notifications, system lock, and messages on customers’ mobile devices. 


Customers can then conveniently bypass any time spent on observing/applying the posted signage on hours of operations, regulations, and the maximum allotted parking time.  



3. Monitor Revenue in Real-Time


Compatible to monitor via any device (Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop)

Easy To Use

Have direct access to state-of-the-art revenue graphs, which are capable of displaying real-time and historic data 

Conveniently, monitor your revenue and total number of transactions in reference to annually, monthly, daily, and hourly time scales for your parking lots, zones, or individual parking spaces.

SCORE PARKING NOW was featured in

Beverly Hills THE GUIDE

annual magazine 



Given that the majority of parking customers are accustomed to directly using visa cards or coins to pay for parking meters, in order for a mobile payment solution to adopt to ~99% of the consumer market share, a viable user experience should be much simpler and yet tangible to a parking meter usage, with fewer steps than simply  swiping a physical plastic card at the meter or paying by coins.
With Score Parking Now, once a parking customer arrives at a meter location, the geo-location-enabled feature prompts the designated meter IDs on the customer's mobile device, which cuts the user workflow by half compared to other mobile solutions. Resulting in increase of mobile payment adoption and rate of pay: 
Parking Adoption

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